MACC probes SIX kedah politicians...

macc probes six kedah politicians - it's involved high profile politicians..

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lamps in manik urai

so may lamps showering manik urai - once AGAIN! -A4 (BW) 

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Filipino maids to fill void

filipino maids to fill void - nst 29july09

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manik urai byelection 14th july09 - tuan aziz is BN man for Manik Urai. - A4 200dpi(BW)

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Michael Jackson Died

michael jackson died - so sad news for today...

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MANIK URAI byelection!

Manik Urai byelection - Tough Challenge ahead!

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H1N1 and Haze...

normal mask didn't work here anymore...-A4 200dpi(BW)

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UNITY? we 're not intrested!

unity government? no! we 're not interested! - A4 200dpi(BW)

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unity government

unity government - proposed by them - rejected by them..

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swine flu start to spread in malaysia locally!

issue ; swine flu in malaysia.-A4 200 dpi - black and white(BW)

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